bianca plunkettPearl Research was founded in 2010 by Bianca Plunkett to provide specialist qualitative research services. Bianca is passionate about using creative and innovative techniques to understand consumer behaviour & motivations and in ensuring the research provides actionable outcomes, not just interesting reports!

Attention and care are both highly valued and every project is uniquely designed to ensure both research and business objectives are met.

We can help with…

  • Small projects through to larger projects… Bianca undertakes fieldwork on smaller jobs and when bigger projects call for a fieldwork team, Pearl partners with senior qualitative freelance researchers who work closely with Bianca to undertake the research
  • Project Managing your qualitative project from beginning to end… Pearl Research has formed relationships with a network of suppliers to bring your project to life including: recruiters; group room facilities; editors and publishers; documentary filmmakers & audio visual suppliers
  • Fast response and turnaround times… There’s no need for big piles of paper and cumbersome processes – if you have a job that requires urgent action we are nimble and adept at making things happen fast
  • Collaboratation sessions… when you want to be part of the analysis process, or when your deadlines are so tight there’s no time for reporting, we offer a workshop session to un-pick findings and put you in a position to make business decisions or de-brief stakeholders with confidence (this service is not appropriate for all types of projects and will depend on the objectives of the study and the amount of fieldwork)

About Bianca

Bianca has over 10 years research experience and in this time has worked with clients across several different industries in both commercial and government sectors. Whilst the focus for Bianca is now qualitative research she spent several years working on quantitative projects also, thus giving her a fundamental understanding and appreciation of quantitative research and the role of qualitative research within larger projects.

Bianca is passionate about qualitative research and to this end using creative and innovative ways to understand consumer behaviour and motivations. Her varied experience and hands on approach has gained Bianca a reputation for tackling complicated and intricate business issues with her clients entrusting her to design the best research approach to meet their needs.

Before founding Pearl Research in 2010 she was an Associate Director at Sweeney Research responsible for the full delivery of research projects from beginning to completion.